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Varicose veins are one of the most troubling venous conditions which affect both men and women. It is mostly caused due to pregnancy and obesity. Various other reasons for varicose veins are heredity, aging, long hours of sitting or standing, etc. Women are mostly getting affected by these diseases because of various hormonal changes in their body. Hormonal changes like pregnancy, menstruation, or during menopause. There are various treatment options available for both spider veins as well as varicose vein diseases. Consult varicose vein specialist SD and spider vein specialist SD for the best possible and suitable treatment for varicose veins and spider veins diseases respectively.


Previously, vein stripping and ligation procedures were the most effective treatments to treat varicose veins disease. But nowadays, a lot of less invasive treatments with modern and latest technologies are available in the medical market for the treatment of all kinds of venous disease. Previous methods of vein stripping and ligation require general anesthesia to complete the procedure. And for these procedures, you need to stay in the hospital overnight. These procedures require a longer period of time to recover. However, with less invasive treatment procedures, local or topical anesthesia is required, and you are discharged from the hospital within an hour. These treatments are more effective as compared to previous methods. And these treatments do not require much recovery time. Some are allowed to continue with their work soon after the completion of the treatment procedure. Ask your best vein doctor in SD for more information about these treatments.

Sclerotherapy is a very common, effective and less invasive treatment procedure to treat varicose veins diseases. In the procedure of sclerotherapy, a chemical sclerosant liquid is injected inside the affected veins. This liquid causes irritation in the affected veins. Due to this irritation, the vein gets shrinks and collapses. After a few days of successful completion of this treatment procedure, the vein gets disappear. This sclerosant liquid is similar to shaving foam which offers greater displacement of blood in the veins. It is a very easy method and can be tracked easily on ultrasound. Talk to your varicose vein doctor in SD regarding sclerotherapy and the liquid used in this process.

Ambulatory Phlebectomy is another less invasive and very effective treatment for varicose vein disease. In this procedure, the affected veins are removed by using tiny incisions and hooks. Tiny incisions are inserted in the affected veins and then it is removed with the help of hooks.

 Before going for any process it is better to consult the best varicose vein doctor in SD for knowing the suitable and effective treatment for you. The doctor will perform certain required tests and diagnose the severity of the disease. And according to the severity, he/she will suggest the best suitable and effective treatment for your problem.

Vein Treatment Clinic is one of the best vein treatment centers in SD. Our doctors are the top experts of vein disease. We try to provide less invasive, painless and most effective treatments to our patients. For more information, visit our website veintreatmentclinic.com.

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